Feeding empty stomach to quench hunger is nice. So could you be feeling some abdominal pains or discomforts like burns after having your meal? Here are the five possible reasons as to why it is so, Get treatment

Every one feels happy after feeding an empty stomach to quench hunger. So could you be feeling some abdominal pains or discomforts like burns after having your meal? Here are the five possible reasons as to why it is so.

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This is eating more than you can contain.Some people may be gluttonous. At times, stomach pain after eating is simply due to overeating. When we do over eat, our stomach take longer to break down the food. This is due to much load it has to work on. So it’s important you stay within your limit to avoid stomach pain after eating.

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When our bodies don’t have the enzymes to break down certain food constituents present in food it becomes a problem. For example lactose Intolerance for the individuals whose bodies lack enough lactase enzyme to act on dairy products.Such intolerance can then result in symptoms like stomach pain, accompanied by bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea. Always try as much as you can to avoid what triggers that intolerance as soon as possible.


You may be allergic to some types of food. Remember allergy can be prevented by eating the right food that your body tolerates. It’s just similar to lactose intolerances, food allergies can cause stomach pains after eating. Some reported food allergies are for dairy, starches, spices, and grains. Spices for example may be too acidic to cause stomach cramps and much acidity thus leading to ulcers. Know what triggers your allergy!


It doesn’t necessarily mean you ate “rat poison”. Any contaminated food warrants poisoning. You are likely to experience some stomach pains, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, and even a fever may follow. Food poisoning should be temporary and ends with time. If it doesn’t then seek medical attention,it might be a lethal poison.

Always maximize fluids intake to prevent dehydration especially if you are vomiting or on diarrhea. The poison element may be non competitive inhibitors hence leading to death if not attended to.


Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. This is due to stones and other material that have accumulated overtime. This can be detected when the stomach pain is felt at the lower right side of the abdomen. It always worsens after eating and can be accompanied by a mild fever and vomiting. One needs to be screened in order to contain this situation. The swollen appendix can be removed or it’s contents removed through surgery. This is a lifetime solution to appendicitis.

Your stomach never lies about what you have fed.

– Isaac Ogutu

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