Have you ever been keen about your urine. Of course its a waste products but has a lot of revelation about your body just like blood and stool samples. In biochemistry lab, we distill how urine can show what's going on in your body through urinalysis test.

Have you ever been keen about your urine. Of course it’s a waste products but has a lot of revelation about your body just like blood and stool samples. In biochemistry lab, we distill how urine can show what’s going on in your body. When you walk in the hospital for urinalysis test, you will be requested urine sample. This will depend with the signs and symptoms you will give the clinical officer. He/she will send you to the lab. Your urine components are examined. After the test, whatever the problem you had will be unveiled. This is what your urine tells you about your health:

Urine Sample in Container

Urine color

This is the primary component. The normal urine is supposed to be pale or clear amber. When it’s too deep or turbid, it shows a problem. The turbidity may be due to dirtiness or pus. If it’s too deep, that shows you have blood deposits in it. A probably hemorrhage. Some urine sample may have smell. This may be due to the drugs you took prior.


Glucose Level

This can also be monitored in urine. If the strip changes its color, it shows you have glucose. This is hyperglycemia – a possible diabetes. The patient’s sugar have to be confirmed by the glucometer. He/she will be put on proper medication to stabilize the sugar. Expectant mother and old age people should monitor their glucose. Failure to this is risky to the patient.


Leucocyte is component indicating the pus cells in your urine. Their presence symbolizes infection. The degree of leukocyte strip color shows the extent of infection. This will correlate with the pus cells in urine microscopy. Their number in microscopy is recorded down. Pus cells depending with predetermining factor, may indicate infection or possible contamination of the urine

Nitrite level should worry you. It shows you have a Urinal Tract Infection. These can be due to syphilis, gonorrhea or genital herpes. That can be the cause of your pain while urinating or a burning pee. They may also shows up in the microscopy. The doctor may see some T. vaginalis especially in women. This needs to be treated urgently.

urinalysis microscopy


Presence of ketones in your urine is also crucial. It shows you are not feeding on enough carbohydrates. The body has to compensate by hydrolyzing fats. This will create keto-acids. This ketones are assimilated to the kidneys. They may be excreted to your urine. Possible remedy is to feed more on carbohydrate rich foods – i.e grains. Apart from dietary cause, this can be kidney and liver malfunctions too.

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Finally if your urine has blood, that shows possible hemorrhage. This means your genital tract is bruised or bleeding. It is either your bladder, ureter or urethra with the issue. Care should be taken not to be confused with menstruation. Period blood contaminates the urine. On normal occasions, blood in urine is serious issue. If this is not attended to, it leads to anemia.


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