Depression is basically the state of feeling low about one self. You can be depressed and fail to recognize it. It doesn’t mean you will be sad but your body can respond it in different way. Eating a lot, oversleeping and restlessness are some of odd forms of depression. The main and common cause of depression is stress. That means that you adrenal kidneys are malfunctioning . This leads to abnormal production of glucocorticoid hormones. These hormones help body to resist stress. That means you can control and master stressful depression. No more suicidal thoughts.


 1.Re-access yourself

Go back to the drawing board and find the find fundamentals you missed. This is a very crucial step that most people don’t know. They fail to understand that every issue has a cause and every problem has a solution. Ask yourself what made you how you are. You may or may not be the problem to your low self-esteem. Understanding the reason, gives you the confidence to correct it. It gives you peace of mind knowing that can restore you back.

2. Understand that your life is precious. 

They say health is wealth and having life is already a blessing. Remember people who are yearning to live just for few seconds. Life has no rehearsal even if you are it’s master. Biblically, ending your own life is a great sin. So when feeling depressed to an extent of having suicidal thoughts, read bible. Have a prayer, cry if possible to let the negative emotions get away of your body. This spiritual connection rekindles your esteem. You are not alone: you exist in spirit,mind and body. Share out with trusted friends they can help you.

 3.You can handle it. 

Keep in mind that your mother went through pain to deliver you. She raised and taught you ways of life. How you mastered to learn your childhood up to adulthood is already enough. Sometimes depression arise due to insufficient sleep, relationship, family and job frustrations. To avoid such things, stay away from their triggers as much as you can. We don’t run away from problems, we face them and get a solution for it. If your partner has betrayed you, You don’t look for poison! The best thing to do is to let him/her go. Find your own path that will create you more peace.


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